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for a new Zero Waste business model

Make smart data available for fashion & lifestyle industry

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Make possible a new fashion model "Zero waste" with smart data

A high-performing fashion brand requires the ability to simultaneously have reliable logistics, on-trend products, the right quantities in the right stores, and a loyal customer base – increasingly digitized

Created in early 2019, Fashion Data aims to accelerate the transformation of fashion and lifestyle brands by providing the best Data and AI solutions in Europe for the Fashion universe.

Thanks to data and AI, Fashion Data proves that ” it is possible to increase the economic performance of brands (each year we generate several million euros of additional margin for our customers)

while accelerating their :”Zero Waste” transformation and thus significantly reducing their environmental impact.

In short, Fashion Data helps fashion brands become truly sustainable & profitable.


Transform fashion industry

by making it sustainable & profitable thanks the Data

The fashion industry must radically transform to adapt to changing consumer behaviors, give meaning to the work of each employee, better protect all players in the production chain, reduce its footprint on the planet and rediscover innovation in the fashion industry to drive profitability.

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Fashion Data Mission


With Data and AI, Fashion Data increases the economic performance of brands and accelerates their Zero Waste transformation.

Enable fashion brands to become sustainable & profitable, by bringing together to share solutions, best practices and smart data know how, and thus, reap the benefits of their data-driven transformation.


Notre Bilan Carbone

Sensible aux enjeux climatiques depuis sa création, Fashion Data poursuit son engagement en réalisant un 1er bilan de ses émissions carbone avec Greenly.

Avec un score climat de C, nous faisons parti des 11% des entreprises françaises qui ont un score supérieur ou égal à C !

Néanmoins nous pouvons / devons faire mieux !! Cette évaluation n’étant qu’une première étape qui nous a permis d’identifier nos axes d’amélioration afin d’agir sur une réduction de nos émissions GES et ce dès cette année

Certificat Bilan Carbone


One Team

One Team, symbolizing the team spirit of Fashion Data, is a pillar value of the company carried naturally by each person within our organization. It materializes through three complementary dimensions, on which our way of working together is based: cohesion, conviviality and benevolence.

A single team at the service of our customers, passionate, always positive and driven by the success of the projects entrusted.

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All Responsible

From the creation of Fashion Data, we wanted to set up a horizontal organization, based on trust and responsibility. This organization of work has installed a holacratic decision-making method, which is freed from the pyramid system and hierarchical strata.

An agile organization with autonomous teams to quickly make the best decisions for our customers.

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Cutting- edge

Even if it is marked by the technical field of Data, Fashion Data’s expertise is multidisciplinary: Data, Business, Market. This multidisciplinarity makes it possible to bring together different universes, and to confront complementary perspectives to shed light on the problems of clients.

Cutting-edge expertise and proven business know-how, mobilized to implement the solutions and systems best suited to the problems of our customers.

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People & Planet

Fashion Data relies on Data to offer a Zero Waste Fashion Model. We are therefore committed to aligning both individual behaviors internally, product developments, and external communication towards the promotion of initiatives favorable to the environment and sustainable fashion.

The desire to systematically combine social & environmental benefits with the creation of value for our customers.

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Transform industry

by making it sustainable & profitable with Data

The AI solutions implemented in our customers now allow business teams to make better decisions.

​It should be remembered that companies which excel in the use of AI, benefit from decisive competitive advantages, in a world where humans and machines work more effectively together than alone

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A totally fashion and completely data team, that gives it!

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Join Fashion Data is believing in a new Fashion Business Model Zero Waste

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