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for a new Zero Waste business model

Make smart data available for fashion & lifestyle industry

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With Data and AI, Fashion Data increases the economic performance of brands and accelerates their Zero Waste transformation.

Enable fashion brands to become eco-profitable, by bringing together to share solutions, best practices and smart data know how, and thus, harvest the benefits of their data-driven transformation.


Transform fashion industry

by making it eco-profitable with Data

The fashion industry must radically transform to adapt to new consumer expectations, give meaning to the work of each employee, better protect all players in the production chain, reduce its footprint on the planet and find its way back innovation and profitability.

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Make possible a new fashion model "Zero waste" with smart data

The performance of a fashion retailer lies in the ability to simultaneously have a strong supply chain, sufficient quantities of trendy products in the right stores, as well as loyal and increasingly digitalized customers

Created in early 2019, Fashion Data aims to accelerate the transformation of fashion and lifestyle brands by providing the best Data and AI solutions in Europe for the Fashion universe.

With data and AI, Fashion Data proves it’s possible to increase the economic performance of brands (each year we generate several million euros of additional margin for our customers),

while accelerating their Zero Waste transformation and thus significantly reducing their environmental impact.

In short, Fashion Data helps fashion brands become truly eco-profitable.


Transform industry

by making it eco-profitable with Data

The AI solutions implemented in our customers now allow business teams to make better decisions.

It should be remembered that companies which excel in the use of AI, benefit from decisive competitive advantages, in a world where men and machines working together outperform men or machines working alone.

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A totally fashion and completely data team, that gives it!

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Join Fashion Data is believing in a new Fashion Business Model Zero Waste

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We accompany
fashion brands towards a new Fashion Business Zero Waste

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Nous vous accompagnons vers un nouveau Fashion Business Zero Waste

We you accompany towards a new Fashion Business Zero Waste

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