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Pilot and Boost
your customer capital

Analyze and diagnose your customer base in depth to quickly identify and automate the marketing actions to be implemented in order to develop your customer base and maximize its business value.

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Approved by Marketing, CRM & Digital teams of fashion and retail brands

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Know your customers

Have Key KPIs describing the main customer profiles according to their buying behavior, their interactions with the brand and their socio-demographic criteria.


increase in Lifetime Value

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Thanks to my data driven “buyer persona”, characterizing coherent groups representative of my customers, I can :


personalized shopping paths according to the typical profiles of my customers


and segment its product offer to address the different needs of my persona


merchandising and store communication according to my main personas

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Analyse your
capital customer

Measure the evolution, in volume and in value, of its customer base. Identify risks and opportunities and react quickly to achieve business objectives


on the customer activation rate

With Customer activity I have dashboards and predictive insights on the life cycle of my customer capital to :


and simply share a comprehensive set of customer KPIs and their evolution

Identify/be alert

growth opportunities and potential risks according to my clients' activities


animation scenarios and project their impact on my client capital in the short and medium term


Animate your customer base

Use the available marketing resources (channels, budget) wisely in order to maximize the performance of each of my customer segments and support the company's strategy


of ROI on marketing campaigns

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With Target Booster I maximize the performance of my marketing campaigns with an intuitive activation tool that allows me to:

Create easily

customer targeting, depending on the objective, thanks to automated scores and segments


its media budgets by prioritizing the activation of customer profiles with high potential ROI


automatically the incremental margin generated by each media operation

Reach your business goals more easily

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an intelligent solution that helps you define and manage your customer strategy and recommands the actions to be taken to achieve your short and medium-term business objectives.

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SaaS solution with continuous improvements

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Graphical, intuitive and collaborative interface

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Complementarity with activation tools

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Powerful and self-learning algorithms

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Intelligent and activatable recommendations

Automatic measurement of incremental ROIs

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Developed by the trades for the trades

Marketing director, CRM manager, campaign manager, product manager and many other professions are concerned.

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Marion, CRM manager

I don’t easily have precise information on my clients’ activity in order to plan the relevant actions to implement to develop my base

With Customer autopilot, I can instantly visualize the progress of my customer base and quickly simulate the CRM actions that will allow me to reach my qualitative and quantitative objectives

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Chloé, Marketing Director

I don’t have enough visibility on the evolution of my clients to allocate marketing budgets according to the brand’s objectives

With Customer autopilot, I have a consolidated and projected view of my customer base, allowing me to easily manage my media investments to reach my objectives

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Adam, Campaign manager

I don’t have enough control over the impact of my multi-channel campaigns on the development of the quality and value of my customer base

With Customer autopilot, I have a simple and intuitive tool that allows me to easily create effective targeting and measure the ROI generated in the short and medium term

They talk about their experience

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A simple et intuitive tool capable of steering your customer capital

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Brand circulation

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Acquire new customers via a multi-brand journey

Identify customers circulating between several brands to build “twin” segments of profiles with a high potential conversion into complementary brands.

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Omnichannel life cycle

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Animate the omnichannel life cycle of each customer

Support each consumer in their purchasing journey in order to stimulate the use of all sales channels (Web + Store) and thus increase the number of omnichannel customers.

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Loyalty program

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Optimize the profitability of your loyalty program

Boost the effectiveness of loyalty programs by analyzing their actual contribution according to customers’ profile to optimize generosity on profitable and truly loyalty-building systems.

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We you accompany towards a new Fashion Business Zero Waste