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Fashion Data and Pictime announce their partnership

Fashion Data - Pictime

A partnership to support the business performance of retailers through data intelligence

Paris / Lille, le 5 november 2020
Harnessing data intelligence to improve the performance of digital and omnichannel commerce is now a priority for retailers faced with an increasingly demanding and volatile customer base with constantly changing expectations. In practice, however, projects in this area are often complex, time-consuming and particularly expensive.
Then How can we find a simple and quick device to put in place that will produce convincing results in a very short time? This is the reason for the partnership betweenPictime Groupe and Fashion Data which was established a year ago.

Created in April 2019, Fashion Data has 25 employees, experts in digital, artificial intelligence and data, spread between Paris and Lille. Their mission: to collect, unify, cross-reference and enhance all the data of a retailer and analyse it to rapidly improve performance and transform the business model of fashion retailers.
Their analyses are used in three ways: to understand the customer to serve him better and strengthen his commitment; to offer the good product at the right price at the right time and in the right shops by optimising the supply chain and stocks.
Today, some ten retailers among its clients benefit from Fashion Data’s business solutions, which provide operational teams with daily information, analyses and recommendations enabling them to generate additional turnover easily and quickly.

Over the past year, two of Pictime Group’s clients, Bureau Vallée and M comme Mutuelle, have already taken advantage of Fashion Data’s services tobetter segment their customer base and adapt their business model for better omnichannel sales performance. To produce its analyses, Fashion Data has developed a secure, managed Big Data platform in the cloud, called Tailer. Powered by artificial intelligence, the platform is able to process and manipulate both structured and unstructured data, and is perfectly suited to sectors other than fashion.

Over the next 12 months, Pictime and Fashion Data aim to support around 15 new retailers in their digital and omnichannel transformation.

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About Fashion Data
In collaboration with fashion and lifestyle brands, Fashion Data uses smart data to create a new Fashion Business Zero Waste. Thanks to our 100% Business and 100% Data solutions, focused on Customer, Product, Supply & Store, we support business teams in this transformation by federating solutions, technologies, algorithms and skills.

About Pictime
The key to Pictime Group‘s success is to have developed a range of complementary skills and expertise dedicated to digital transformation. Their uniqueness is to respond to the different challenges of our clients through two possible approaches: an approach by business or an approach by expertise.

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