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Interview 4/4

Artificial Intelligence combined with human intelligence: the winning duo for predicting trends…

Interview 3/3

In the rest of this interview we talk about Big Data, Machine Learning, Visual Recognition… and Artificial Intelligence …

Interview 2/3

In this second part we will see how AI improves sales prediction, optimizes inventory management and more precisely drives the supply chain…

Interview Part 1

“Data intelligence in the service of the eco-profitability of fashion” or “How can artificial intelligence be useful in fashion? The answer, concrete examples to support, in this first part…

Innovation Awards

The Big Data Paris 2020 conference on Tuesday (September 15th) rewarded the best projects at the Innovation Awards. Big Data is committed to identifying the most innovative and high-performance big data projects…

The customer era

Innovation Award
“Start-up” was won by Fashion Data, a big data platform for designing algorithms that combine economic and eco-friendly performance for fashion brands.

Big Data Paris

Fashion Data, founded in 2019, won the Innovation Awards in the start-up category. Stress-based optimization and machine learning, the keys to Fashion Data to make fashion “eco-profitable” …

Expert Opinion

“When data helps fashion become more responsible and omnichannel…

The customer era

Around the table: Pingki Houang, Sébastien Zins of Salesforce and Marie Giroud of Acsel who looked at the 2020 trends in retail and commerce…

Take inspiration from the DNVB ...

Zero waste, eco-responsible approach, use of data… Jules draws inspiration from DNVB to meet new consumer expectations

The Fashion Issue

Make man work with artificial intelligence, IH with AI! A winning duo for predicting sales …

Digital Innovation

Data Designers: Will fashion capture the trend?


Challenge relegated by Jules! Both on their product offering, thanks to data, and in their new concept store!

Episode 2

For its 2nd video in the series, Econocom zooms in on Fashion Data…

Jules: his plan to please men

The overall idea? Demonstrate that it is possible to sell without spoiling or selling.

The right product at the right time

A new Jules more responsible and guided by data and analysis of Fashion Data

The AI Challenge: Massive Data

How does Fashion Data, Microsoft and Publicis massively bulk up data to maximize AI profits?

Data-driven predictive campaigns

1st results of data-driven predictive campaigns: CA 1 for Jules, promising results for Pimkie …

A data management platform

Three pillars: better customer knowledge, trend detection and prediction, and inventory supply optimization

Fashion brand data alliance

Details on the original strategy based on data from Fashion Data, came to rescue these retailers threatened by Amazon.


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