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Detect trends and accurately predict demand forecast

To produce just the required quantities of goods, at the best price and at the right time, without selling off or wasting products

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Produce only what the sign is able to sell

Estimate, from the design stage, the sales of future collections, on an item-size-color basis, in order to adjust commitments, optimize manufacturing costs and strongly reduce the unsolds.

With Demand Forecast, I have a simple and intuitive tool that allows me to precisely calculate the quantity I need to order for each reference / size / color.

– Sandro,


Testimonial Sandro, Merch'Planner

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Capture the evolutions and trends of fashion

Anticipate the trends that will make fashion for the next collections by analyzing social networks, identifying influencers and polling the opinions of the best customers.


Predict product life curves to quickly adjust stocks

From the first days of sales, adjust the life cycle of each reference, and detect products to be relaunched in production to avoid breakages on the best products.

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