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Ensure product availability and take into account the specificities of each store

For optimal flow rate, minimal breakage rate and geo-contextualized product offering.

Visuel app store autopilot fashion data

Approved by Network, Product, and Supply teams of fashion and retail brands

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Store identity logo fashion data

Organize your stores in relevant clusters

Characterize and quantify the nuances of each store to better adapt the offer, adjust stocks, contextualize communication and take into account the competitive environment


of net

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With “Demand Forecast”, I have an AI and data-powered sales forecasting tool that allows me to:


lost sales by accurately predicting the quantities needed at the reference-size-color mesh


markdown rate by controlling my sell-through rate before sales on all products


your left-over stock after main sales through optimized purchases and a size grid adapted to the needs of my customers.

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logo store replenishment fashion data

Intelligently and automatically adjust
the target stocks of each store

Have the right quantities in the right place by adjusting the target stocks of each store for each item, size and color



With Order Scheduling, I have a powerful supplier delivery planning tool with which I can:


the pptimal weekly stock of each SKU to ensure forecasted sales without overstocking.


automatically estimate the ideal schedule for warehouse deliveries at the RCT level.


the delivery schedule according to business, warehouse and supplier constraints

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Focus all analysis indicators in one single tool

Have a dataviz tool to focus on monitoringi a wide variety of analysis grids (network hierarchies, filters, comparability)



visuel store companion fashion data

With Sales Reforecast, I have an intelligent in-season sales and stocks forecasting tool that allows me to:


faster with weekly alerts on products deviating from initial forecasts


new stock needs at the SKU level to meet new sales forecasts


automatically upcoming orders to meet my rate of sales goals

Reach your business goals more easily

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an intelligent solution that helps you estimate the potentialof your products in order to buy the right quantities at the right time et atteindre vos objectifs and reach your economic and environmental performance goals.

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SaaS solution with continuous improvements

icon graph customer autopilot

Intuitive and collaborative graphical interface

icone product autopilot fashion data

Simplified business process and time saving

icon algorihm customer autopilot

Powerful algorithms designed for fashion

icone product autopilot fashion data

Intelligent and activatable recommendations

icone product autopilot fashion data

Highly ROI generating application

fashion data profil workers customer

Designed by professionals for professionals:

Network Manager, Product Manager, Supply Manager, CSR Manager and many other professions are concerned.


Jade, Network Manager

I lack information to better understand the specifics of each of my stores.

With Supply & Store Autopilot, I can adapt the animation of my stores and their local communication to improve their performance.

Emma directrice produit témoignage fashion data

Emma, Product Manager

I’m not sure I can create capsule collections that meet the expectations of different stores…

With Supply & Store Autopilot, I am able to adapt to local demands and customize store merchandising.


Frédéric, Supply Manager

I wonder what product to send, in what quantity to have an optimal flow and rotation rate…

With Supply & Store Autopilot, I can adjust/optimize store (re)supplies according to their specificities

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logo store autopilot suite by fashion data part of valiuz

A simple and intuitive tool capable of ensuring product availability

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Brand circulation

arrow service fashion data

Acquire new customers via a multi-brand journey

Identify customers circulating between several brands to build “twin” segments of profiles with a high potential conversion into complementary brands.

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Omnichannel life cycle

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Animate the omnichannel life cycle of each customer

Support each consumer in their purchasing journey in order to stimulate the use of all sales channels (Web + Store) and thus increase the number of omnichannel customers.

icon loyalty service fashion data

Loyalty program

arrow service fashion data

Optimize the profitability of your loyalty program

Boost the effectiveness of loyalty programs by analyzing their actual contribution according to customers’ profile to optimize generosity on profitable and truly loyalty-building systems.

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We you accompany towards a new Fashion Business Zero Waste