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Fashion data team

Make data accessible to different business teams, to transform the fashion industry

To oppose the e-commerce giant, traditional fashion companies must capitalize on their strengths: their local teams and their stores. But to activate these strenghts, we must go up all data and made activable for the different trades of our companies.

Pingki Houang
CEO of Fashion Data

CEO of Fashion data Pingki Houang


Pingki Houang President fashion data

Pingki Houang


Romain Chaumais Executive Leader fashion data

Romain Chaumais

Executive leader

Olivier Colin Business Analyst Leader fashion data

Olivier Colin

Business Analyst Leader

Hélène Allouard Marketing & Communication Fashion data leader

Hélène Allouard

Marketing & Communication Leader

Juliana Dairin Head of Fashion Data Projects Coordination

Juliana Dairin

Project Coordination Manager

Armand Le Petit DAF fashion data

Armand Le Petit


Amandine Launois Senior Business Analyst fashion data

Amandine Launois

Senior Business Analyst

Hélène Devos Business Analyst fashion data

Hélène Devos

Business Analyst

Marguerite Vergne Business Analyst fashion data

Marguerite Vergne

Business Analyst

Hafça Tirichine Data Analyst fashion data

Hafça Tirichine

Data Analyst

Nicolas Banquart Data Scientist Fashion data leader

Nicolas banquart

Data Scientist Leader

Marie Cadieux Data Scientist fashion data

Marie Cadieux

Data Scientist

Jérémy Lecourt Data Scientist fashion data

Jeremy Lecourt

Data Scientist

Haithem Belkacem Bouzida Data Scientist fashion data

Haithem Belkacem Bouzida

Data Scientist

Mathieu Huche Data Scientist Junior fashion data

Mathieu Huche

Junior Data Scientist

Hedy Ayachi Data Scientist Junior fashion data

Hedy Ayachi

Junior Data Scientist

Soufiane Bengadi Data Scientist Junior fashion data

Soufiane Bengadi

Junior Data Scientist

Julien Garino Data Fashion data architect

Julien garino

Data Architect

Richard Hooft Supply & Store Fashion data leader

Richard hooft

Supply & Store Leader

Ludovic Tavernier Data Viz Fashion data leader

Ludovic Tavernier

Data Viz Leader

Johan Durand Product Owner fashion data

Johan durand

Product Owner

Erwann Letue Software Engineer fashion data

Erwann Letue

Software Engineer

Félix Pryfer Data Steward Fashion data leader

Felix Pryfer

Data Steward Leader

Yassine Bentouhami Data Engineer fashion data

Yassine Bentouhami

Data Engineer

Ilham Benkhelifa Data Steward fashion data

Ilham Benkhelifa

Data Steward

Jérémy Babior Data Engineer Junior fashion data

Jeremy Babior

Junior Data Engineer


Gaëtan Ciceron

Graphic Designer – Web & UX / UI Designer

Jonathan Kieusseian Business Developer fashion data

Jonathan Kieusseian

Business Developer

Board Members

Jean-Christophe Garbino Fashion 3 Fashion data leader

Jean-Christophe Garbino

Fashion 3 Leader

Pierre-Henri Besse CFO Fashion 3 fashion data

Pierre-Henri Besse

CFO Fashion 3

Alexandra Mulliez CEO Fashion data address

Alexandra mulliez

CEO Address

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